ATL Global Solution has released its MOVINdow Multi Video Player app for the iPhone and iPad.

MOVINdow is video technology that enables simultaneous playback of multiple videos on a single screen. Users can scale each video’s size, akin to zooming in and out of photos. According to the folks at ATL Global Solution this makes it a versatile solution applicable across various sectors including sports, e-sports, game, entertainment, online meeting, video streaming, healthcare, and security, among others. They say its video playback and editing features include:

  • Simultaneous playback of up to 16 videos with concurrent fast-forward/rewind capabilities.
  • Frame-by-frame advancement and rewind by 1/1000th of a second (provided videos support this frame rate).
  • Time-based video trimming and size compression.
  • No login required, ad-free, with all features available for a free trial.

MOVINdow Multi Video Player is free, but does promote in-app purchases.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today