Tallywell is a new Apple Watch app that gives people access to a FICO-like score for their health.

It’s designed to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve health and save people time in making sense of their disparate health data. The app leverages comprehensive health data from Apple’s HealthKit to calculate a personalized tallywell score. 

Each score experience is fed to a predicting machine producing tallywell’s weekly “Know Your Numbers” report. “Know Your Numbers” provides users past and current health trends, predicts future scores and subscores and makes recommendations on how to improve sleeping habits, exercise, heart rate, BMI/weight and more.

The tallywell team aims to offer a proactive and preventative tool that empowers users to make better decisions for their health and well-being and improve the overall happiness of human beings, according to Candice Paik, CEO and co-founder of tallywell. Tallywell is available for Apple Watch users and provides a companion app for iOS devices. It can be downloaded in the Apple App Store

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today