TimeSlice 2.7

Modesitt Software announces TimeSlice 2.7 (for Mac OS 9 through OS
10.1) and TimeSliceX 2.7 (for Mac OS 10.2 and greater), an upgrade* to
their easy-to-use time-tracking and billing application. TimeSlice is
used every day by small and large businesses, consultants, and
contractors to track billable time spent on clients, business projects,
specific jobs and more!

For more information or to download a demo, visit (http://timeslice.us).

New features for v2.7 include

– Tracking
Requires TimeSliceX. Add which documents and applications you want
TimeSlice to track. TimeSlice then starts and stops tracking time for
you, automatically and in the background.

– Graphs
Create Graphs of your time records. Requires TimeSliceX and OS 10.3 or

– New “Window” menu
Shows all open windows. Selecting a window from the menu brings that
window to the front.

– New Quick Search field
Available on the top right portion of the main window. Select from the
popup menu which column to search, type some text, and the desired time
records are selected and scrolled into view. Works with comments,
category, client, and project columns.

– Printing and copy improved and simplified
Now when you print or copy a time record, only the columns visible on
the TimeSlice window are copied or printed, in the same order as on the

– New Sorting preference
Allows a second and third order sorting.

– Bug fixes and more…

* TimeSlice 2.7 is a free upgrade to TimeSlice 2.5 users and above.
Otherwise there is a $20 upgrade fee for earlier versions.

TimeSlice requiers CarbonLib 1.4 or newer when running in OS 9.