Make Your Videos Sound Like Hollywood Blockbusters with SmartSound=AE Movie =

New software from Sonic Desktop Software lets home video enthusiasts create
custom, professionally produced music soundtracks – just like the “pros”

NORTHRIDGE, Calf. June 17, 2002 – Sonic Desktop Software announced today
the launch of SmartSound=AE Movie Maestro=81 the world’s first soundtrack
creation product for home computer users and video enthusiasts. The
innovative software allows anyone to easily create movie-quality
soundtracks and includes a professionally recorded music library with
themes especially suited for home videos.

Movie Maestro is targeted at the consumer and educational video production
market – video camcorder users who do not have the time, inclination or
budget to edit music using existing conventional audio editing tools. It is
the only consumer-oriented audio software designed specifically for visual
media creators, eliminating the need for complex sound editing or composing

“Without question, sound brings the ‘visual’ to life; however, audio
editing has been beyond the reach of most video hobbyists, until now. For
the first time, camcorder users can create perfect, customized music
soundtracks for any video project within minutes or even seconds,” said
Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of Sonic Desktop. “Movie Maestro is based
on our patented, award-winning SmartSound technology which we first
developed for professional media creators, as the pioneers of the new field
of digital soundtrack creation. Now with our first consumer product, we
have taken this technology and made what we believe to be the easiest audio
software anyone has ever used.”

Movie Maestro=81 takes an entirely new approach to audio editing over
existing products by combining the innovative SmartSound=AE technology with =
simple three-step user interface. SmartSound audio content is broken into
digitally encoded segments which the software then manipulates to fit the
user’s requested usage intent, musical style, and durations. Users simply
import their video files, add music with the intuitive Maestro “wizard”,
and click “Save Soundtrack.” Movie Maestro creates perfectly timed, fully
produced arrangements with musical endings, not mere fade-outs. It’s these
custom-fit arrangements that give videos a uniquely professional “Hollywood
sound.” Soundtracks can be saved along with the video, or separately for
importing into video editing or multimedia applications.

The Maestro wizard helps users locate appropriate musical selections and
creates various custom arrangements to fit the desired length. Real-time
video playback enables users to see how the audio and visuals work
together, and multiple musical arrangements can be created for a single
video. If changes are desired, the soundtrack can be modified by simply
dragging it to a new location in the timeline, or shortened or lengthened
by pulling on the handle at either end. Movie Maestro will automatically
re-edit the piece to fit the new length.

Movie Maestro offers cross-platform support for Macintosh and Windows and
is compatible with any application or system software that imports industry
standard media file formats. Additionally, the software offers built-in
integration with several third-party applications including Apple=AE iMovie=
and iPhoto=81, Microsoft=AE Windows=AE Movie Maker and PowerPoint=AE for Win=
Ulead=AE VideoStudio=81 6 and Roxio=81/MGI VideoWave=AE 5.

Pricing and Availability

Movie Maestro is available now and can be ordered though SmartSound
resellers or directly from Sonic Desktop. The software lists for $49.95 and
includes 26 music tracks. The six add-on
( Music CDs are priced
at $29.95 each and include the following themes: Family, Vacation, Sports,
Sentimental, Blockbuster and Cutting Edge. A
( tryout
version of the software available online.

Unlike the SmartSound music libraries used in professional media creation
that carry an unrestricted royalty-free license, Movie Maestro audio
content is intended for personal use and is not licensed for broadcast.
However, educators are licensed to use Movie Maestro audio content
royalty-free for student broadcasts and other educational purposes.

About Sonic Desktop, Inc.

Sonic Desktop Software, The Soundtrack Company=81 is the developer and
marketer of the SmartSound family of audio software products-the world
leader in soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators.
SmartSound technology is available for Windows 98 or newer and Macintosh OS
9.0 or newer. The products include the
( For Multimedia,
( Sonicfire=AE Pro
and ( Movie
Maestro soundtrack creation software and the
( Palette, Sound Palette,
The Edge and ( Music
series of music and sound effects add-on CDs. The company is headquartered
in Northridge, California, and can be reached by phone at 818-718-9999, by
fax at 818-718-9990 or via their website