WebPrint Plus X 3.0

Release Date: 2/9/04

I’m pleased to announce the release of WebPrint Plus X 3.0. WebPrint
Plus X 3.0 adds powerful enhancements to the highly rated WebPrint Plus X

WebPrint Plus X provides an easy-to-use, unique, and powerful set of
system-wide tools for collecting, saving, printing, and editing
information with the Mac that work in virtually any program (including
web browsers and email clients), that accelerate printing, that save
users money by significantly reducing their use of consumables, that let
users select and save or print anything from a single character to
multiple pages, that let users add time-date stamps and notes to anything
that they save or print (both text and images), and that greatly improve
users’ productivity when using their Macs!

Additionally, WebPrint Plus X eliminates browser printing problems and
even eliminates some problems users have experienced when using HP
printers with OS X. WebPrint Plus X also brings a virtual Desktop
Printer to OS X that supports drag-and-drop printing of users’ text
selections, image selections, and clipping files!

WebPrint’s unique WebSaver feature provides users with drag-and-drop
saving of information from the Web and automatically places this info
into a closed file. With a single click, the info in this closed file
can instantly be placed on the Clipboard for use in any program or can
automatically be made to appear in WebPrint’s own powerful editor.
Additionally, with a single mouse click WebPrint Plus lets users either
save or print the contents of the Clipboard.

WebPrint Plus X is highly customizable, many of WebPrint’s most powerful
features work “on the fly,” and the significant amount of money WebPrint
Plus saves users by dramatically reducing the consumption of ink/toner
and paper is especially important in these days of budget crunching —
WebPrint Plus X quickly pays for itself many times over!


* A system-wide keyboard shortcut (Option-Control-v) lets users instantly
toggle the visibility of WebPrint Plus no matter what application they
currently are working in.

* A new and innovative Contextual Menu feature easily and instantly gives
users access to WebPrint’s powerful features and OS X enhancements —
even when WebPrint Plus is invisible — no matter what program they are
working in.

* Unlike most contextual menus, WebPrint’s contextual menu can be
accessed when users are working in any program, can be left active when
users move their cursors off of it, and can be dragged to any location on
their displays. WebPrint’s contextual menu also includes additional
innovative features.

* A preference option has been added that lets users automatically launch
WebPrint Plus as an invisible background utility.

* Additional preference options have been added to let users further
customize WebPrint’s appearance and behavior.

* A system-wide keyboard shortcut has been added that lets users
instantly print the contents of the Clipboard no matter what program they
are working in. (This is in addition to the system-wide keyboard
shortcuts WebPrint Plus adds to OS X so users can instantly print or save
their selected text/images in any program.)

With WebPrint Plus X 3.0, innovative and powerful enhancements are added
to OS X — and to virtually all OS X applications — that don’t require
any learning curve and that don’t require the use of valuable Desktop

The cost savings, productivity enhancements, and environmental benefits
provided by using WebPrint Plus X are multiplied for schools, businesses,
and other organizations that use many computers! (Special site license
pricing is available.)


OS 10.1 or later (including Jaguar and Panther)


A free, fully functional demonstration version of WebPrint Plus X 3.0 is
available at:

The direct link to the WebPrint Plus X page where additional information
about WebPrint Plus X is available is:

WebPrint Plus X 3.0 includes a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
and costs only $39.95. Registered users of earlier versions of WebPrint
Plus X can upgrade to WebPrint Plus X 3.0 for a reduced fee. PrintMagic
X users may upgrade to WebPrint Plus X for only $19.95.