ResFool 1.0

SAN DIEGO, California (January 14, 2004) – The La Jolla Underground is
pleased to announce version 1.0 of ResFool. ResFool is the only Mac OS
X native resource editor with full ResEdit template support for under
$20 (USD). With advanced template support that surpasses ResEdit and
native OS X operation, you can scratch off one more reason to run
Classic. Here are a few of ResFool’s features:

* Template Based Editing
Use one of the 100 included templates to edit existing resource types.
If those aren’t enough for you, you can construct your own using 94
template types, or use one made by other people in the active Macintosh
developer community.

* Modern File Types
ResFool can edit and create data-fork based resource files in addition
to old-style resource forks. You can even open and edit bundles (.app,
..rtfd, etc) as if they were standard resource files.

* Preview Media
See your images in list mode, or preview them in separate windows. No
longer are you stuck with PICT viewing – ResFool lists can display a
wide range of media, from jpeg to tiff. You can even play movies and
listen to audio tracks.

Best of all, you can try ResFool before you buy. A full, unrestricted
copy may be downloaded at our website for review. All operations are
fully enabled, with the addition of a purchase reminder when saving

For more information, please visit the La Jolla Underground website:


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