Jiiva releases AutoScrubber, your personal file security assistant, fixing
a huge security flaw for all Mac users.

Beaverton, OR (January 6, 2004) Computers contain a data security flaw that
is exploited every day. Both the software you use and your computer’s
operating system make copies of your data and later delete the copies
without your knowledge. Your private data has now been written to disk and
you weren’t given the option to securely erase the data until now.
AutoScrubber is designed to protect you from this data security flaw by
automatically detecting and permanently erasing the files created and
deleted behind-the-scenes by software applications and the operating system.

When your private data is deleted without your knowledge, it becomes a
security risk. Someone with file recovery software could recover some or
all of your private data even after you’ve securely erased the original.
Since AutoScrubber is aware of all the files created and deleted, it is
able to securely erase all the fragments and copies of files as they are
made on your computer, so that when you choose to securely erase the
original file, no fragments of that file will still exist.

When your files are deleted, make sure they are securely deleted! When you
print a file, the operating system makes a copy of the file and deletes the
copy when finished printing. AutoScrubber makes sure the copy is securely
erased. When you edit a file in a word processor, the word processor will
make work-in-progress or backup copies of the file and delete the copies
when you finish using the word processor. AutoScrubber makes sure the
copies are securely erased.

Standard file-based security utilities on the market today give a false
sense of security because they only erase the original document you select
for them to delete. They do not catch the behind-the-scenes deletes made by
applications and the operating system. Users of these utilities have a
false sense of security because the private data they thought they were
erasing may still exist on their hard drive.

“AutoScrubber is like having a personal assistant following you around
dusting away your footprints,” says Jiiva President Mark Ericksen. Whenever
you, your applications, or your operating system delete a file,
AutoScrubber makes sure the file is securely erased.

Need Proof? Download the AutoScrubber DeleteWatch demo from
www.jiiva.com/autoscrubber/download/ and then go about your daily tasks on
your computer. The demo lists the files deleted – by you as the user, by
the software applications you use, and by the operating system, too. As you
edit documents, use your address book, listen to music, and read email,
copies of your private files are being made. This occurs while the software
is in use and also as you quit a software program.

For more information about AutoScrubber, to download the demo, or to see
screen shots, please visit www.jiiva.com.

Jiiva is also the creator of SuperScrubber – Permanently erase all data
from your old Mac with SuperScrubber’s military-strength disk sanitization.
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