DoubleSight Launches New Online Web Store at

Innovative, Competitively-priced DoubleSight Dual LCD Display Now Available
Direct to Consumers

Fullerton, CA-Jan. 5, 2004-DoubleSight(tm) Displays, LLC, developer of
innovative LCD-based products, today launched its secure online Web store
at providing a direct channel for small and mid-sized
enterprises and technology savvy end users to purchase the fully integrated
DoubleSight DS-1500 dual LCD display and accessory products.

“With the addition of our new Web store, consumers can now securely
purchase the DoubleSight dual LCD display at their convenience online using
any Web browser, by phone via our toll-free number (1-877-Two LCDs), or
through our growing network of authorized resellers,” said Jay Muskovich,
Chief Executive Officer of DoubleSight Displays, LLC. “Our new Web store
was developed with a priority on convenience and accessibility for
customers in a wide variety of industries and geographic environments.”

A Productivity Tool for Everyone!

Available now, the $799 DoubleSight DS-1500 dual LCD monitor provides an
enhanced viewing experience and productivity tool for mainstream computer
users in corporations, IT professionals, customer service and support call
centers, accounting, legal and medical professional services, stock traders
and financial institutions, graphics design and multimedia, PC gamers,
government and education. Additionally, DoubleSight gives gamers an
expanded view, or duplicates the display signal so multiple players can
view the same game on their own screen.

Featuring DoubleSight Displays’ patent-pending multiple monitor “smart
control” technology, the uniquely-designed DoubleSight DS-1500 harnesses
two 15-inch LCD flat panels with 2048 x 768 resolution in a side-by-side
configuration mounted on a single, space-efficient base stand. DoubleSight
is ideal for Microsoft(r) Windows(r) and Apple(r) Macintosh(r) computer
users who could benefit from simultaneous viewing of multiple applications,
or who currently work with multiple single monitors on their crowded
desktop. DoubleSight seamlessly displays as much data as a single 20-inch
monitor and can increase user productivity up to 50 percent by managing
several sources of information without time-consuming switching between

About DoubleSight Displays, LLC

Founded in August 2003, DoubleSight Displays, LLC is a privately-held,
emerging growth company providing affordable, innovative LCD-based products
that are differentiated for worldwide markets. DoubleSight Displays’
Website is located at