eZedia Releases the Next Generation in Multimedia
Authoring Software for the Web – eZediaQTI 2.0

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – January 6, 2004 – eZedia Inc., a
leader in digital-media software technology, announced today, the
release of a native Mac OS X version of eZediaQTI 2.0 at Macworld San
Francisco, the world’s most comprehensive event for Macintosh
enthusiasts and developers.

eZediaQTI is interactive QuickTime authoring software for creating
rich internet content and movies. Users can quickly combine and
enhance video, graphics, animation, sound, VRs, and text to create web
sites, Internet banners, online presentations, and interactive videos
– all with no programming knowledge required.

"eZediaQTI 2.0 takes full advantage of Apple’s new operating
system, Panther, and is the first of its kind to give users a
quick-and-easy way to create rich media web deliverable content as an
interactive QuickTime movie," said Stefan Embleton, President and
Founder, of eZedia Inc. "This new release breaks even more
boundaries by offering many advanced features including full support
for scripting using AppleScript. This extends eZediaQTI’s
functionality and automates repetitive tasks to produce extraordinary
interactive online content."

eZediaQTI 2.0 has been entirely re-written in Cocoa, Apple’s
object-oriented development environment, which offers the new and
improved Aqua user interface for greater ease-of-use. The new
interface is equipped with an Attributes Panel that allows direct
access to object information, making it easier for the user to edit
and enhance media. Along with the improved interface, eZediaQTI is
packed full of new features including; the ability to customize button
colors, shapes, and text; built in spell check; and improved text
handling with advanced formatting capabilities. In addition, eZediaQTI
2.0 provides a toolbar button to access the new eZedia Media Library
that consists of themed templates and movies. A sample of free
templates come included with the purchase of eZediaQTI 2.0.

"We are pleased that eZedia leveraged Cocoa’s development
environment to re-write its interactive QuickTime authoring software,"
said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. "eZediaQTI 2.0 allows Mac users to easily combine and
enhance multimedia content without requiring any programming

eZediaQTI 2.0 retails for $99 USD, and is currently available for Mac
OS X, with the Windows version to be released in early 2004. eZediaQTI
2.0 can be purchased online at www.ezedia.com and demonstrations of
the product can be seen at the eZedia Booth #2329 at Macworld. Join
eZedia in the Macworld Press Room on January 7 at 11:00 – 11:45 a.m.
to hear more on the new release of eZediaQTI.

About eZedia Inc.
Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia Inc. has become a leader in
digital-media software technology. The company derives its name from
the phrase "easy media," underscoring its corporate focus on
the delivery of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media authoring
and development products.

eZedia is committed to providing intuitive software that
simplifies the creation, integration, and delivery of digital media
for people at work, home, and school.

eZedia’s growing family of products currently include eZediaMX,
eZediaQTI, eZeMatte for iMovie, eZeScreen for iMovie, eZeClip for
iMovie, eZediaMotion for iMovie, and eZedia Plug-ins for iMovie: V1.
More information about eZedia Inc. is available at (a

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