New release features voicemail, call recording, voice dialing,
talking caller ID and call logging
San Francisco, CA (MacWorld Conference & Expo Booth SF3) =AE=A2
January 5, 2004 =AE=A2 Parliant Corporation, world leading developers
of speech-based products for business and consumer use, today
announced its PhoneValet Message Center (PVMC), a new Mac OS X-based
voicemail product which builds on its existing multi-line computer
telephony solution.

This new member of the PhoneValet product family adds a
multi-line answering machine, multiple voicemail boxes and call
recording to an already powerful telephony application suite.
More than an answering machine, PVMC keeps track of your calls,
dials numbers quickly and accurately, tells you who=D5s calling and
keeps you in touch with your calls while you=D5re out. It also offers
call recording functions, allowing a recording of both sides of a
conversation to be saved as an audio file.
Present a professional image=C924 hours a day!
PVMC offers big business efficiencies with a personal touch.
Callers can choose to leave messages in one of up to 11 mailboxes
(each with a specific greeting) or all mailboxes can be turned off to
create an announcement only service. PhoneValet Message Center handles
all your phone lines at the same time, and messages can be emailed to
your cell phone, home or office.
PhoneValet makes a business asset of your telephone records
PVMC adds call recording to PhoneValet=D5s already impressive
call logging features. Inbound and outbound calls are listed in a
permanent call history, which is easily searchable and sortable and
has room for notes. When you choose to record a call, audio is
integrated into this comprehensive database for quick retrieval.
Easy Dialing from Address Book and other applications
PVMC=D5s powerful dialing rules can automate 10-digit,
long-distance and calling card dialing. Calls will always be dialed
correctly when you dial directly from applications using Apple=D5s
Services menu, or through AppleScript from your favorite contact
manager or FileMaker. PhoneValet even offers voice dialing.
Screen calls and greet callers appropriately
With PVMC, you will know who’s calling before you answer the
phone. Incoming calls are displayed in large type on the screen, and
announced over your computer speakers. You can even write AppleScripts
to task your contact manager when calls are received.
PVMC includes all required hardware and software to help you get
more out of your existing telephones. No modem needed. PVMC will ship
in Q1 2004 and there is an introductory offer of a single line system
for $199.95 USD for pre-orders. Current PhoneValet owners can preorder
an upgrade for $70.00 USD at or 1-866-864-2334.
About Parliant Corporation
With facilities in Ottawa, Canada, and Ogdensburg, New York,
Parliant Corporation is one of the world=D5s leaders in developing and
deploying speech-based products for business and consumer use. For
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