Major upgrade to Chronopath’s popular library cataloging application adds
support movies, music, and games.

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ — JANUARY 5, 2004 – Chronopath, Inc., today, has released
Library 2.0, a new upgrade to its complete library solution.

This new version of Library features a whole new, faster core database
along with support for games, music, and movies to accompany the existing
books-only support. Library 2 is also all rewritten and redesigned for the
user’s satisfaction. This version takes on the well known, user-friendly
“iApp look” to make viewing and cataloging a better experience.

New in Library 2.0:

– Rewrote the core database to be much faster, stabler, and less likely to
be corrupted.

– Redesigned the interface to use the user-friendly “iApp” look.

– Added support for additional media types: music, movies, and games.

– Added many more fields to the books media type.

– Added additional adjustments to web export for more media types.

– Added a rewritten, more extensive version of borrowing where you can set
multiple member names and due dates for each item.

– Added the “View Options” panel to easily change which columns you’d like
to display and adjust the row height.

– Added support for the new Chronoscan (rev 2).

– Improved bookmarks to work for all media types and have multiple
bookmarks per item.

– Improved Autofill speed.

– Various other feature additions and interface modifcations to accommodate
the new features.

Library is for Mac OS X only. A free trial is available with limitations to
unregistered users which include a maximum of 5 items per kind of media and
a nag dialog on startup. Purchasing and registering this product removes
those limitations. Registering Library costs $15 US. The version 2.0 update
is absolutely free to all already-registered users. Additional information
as well as a free trial is available at (