Domain “radar” is revealed

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ — NOVEMBER 10, 2003 – Chronopath, Inc., today, has
released DomainTracker 1.0, a new application for monitoring and organizing
domains for keeping or taking.

DomainTracker is a new application for monitoring, tracking, and organizing
both a user’s own domains and domains that they want. It has all the
needed features for a great experience. When adding domains, you can
easily auto-fill all domain information with the click of a button. In the
main list, domains are color-labeled so that you can see whether a domain
is available, owned, or about to expire. When you see a domain is about to
expire, you would either renew it if you owned it, or snag it if you wanted
it. DomainTracker also lets you easily filter and sort domain names in the
main list, get a who-is of the domain, and more.

DomainTracker is a shareware product for Mac OS X Panther only (requires
10.3 or higher). A free trial is available with a limit of 3 domains and a
nag dialog for unregistered users. Purchasing and registering this product
removes those limitations. Registering DomainTracker costs $10. Additional
information as well as a free trial is available at