New Xcode Plug-in Makes Reusing Code Easy
Write Track Media Releases a Plug-In for Xcode to Increase Efficiency

MILFORD, Pennsylvania – November 10, 2003 – Write Track Media announced the
immediate release of a new plug-in for Apple’s Development Tools. Xcode
Clippings Menu is a plug-in for Xcode, the core component of Apple’s new
developer tools for OS X. The plug-in adds a new “Clippings” menu to Xcode
allowing developers to quickly gain access to snippets of code and other
text resources directly from the Xcode menu bar. The “clippings” are text
files that are stored in any number of subfolders within a primary
clippings folder. Each subfolder within the primary folder becomes a menu
item in the menu which, when selected, offers the user the ability to
select one or more items for insertion into the front source document.

A demo of the product is available now on the company web site. The demo
limits a user to 5 folders and 5 clippings per folder. Write Track Media is
selling registration codes for the plug-in for just $10.

Benefits of Xcode Clippings Menu

* Recycling Code Resources Wisely – Create a more efficient development
workflow by reusing resources more effectively. Stop wasting time retyping
the same text.

* Get It Faster – Reusing text resources is fine, but if you have to travel
elsewhere just to get the resources it takes time. Now you can add text in
a source document much faster because the menu of selections is right there
in Xcode! Create a script to export your database of subroutines and code
snippets into a folder structure in the clipping folder. Spend more time
coding and less time searching.

* Reaping The Harvest – Don’t regret losing track of the valuable code
written in the past as your archives grow. The Xcode Clippings Menu Plug-In
makes it less time consuming to save new code into your clippings folders.
You can save the current selection from your source documents to a clipping
file right from the “Clippings” menu. You can even save the text from the

* Easily Remodeled – Just choose “Reveal Clippings Folder” to quickly
create, edit, delete, or to spring clean your text clippings.

* Programming Languages Welcome – Since source code is text based – this
resource works great with code documents of any kind. It works great with
AppleScript Studio!

A Macintosh computer with Mac OS 10.3 (or higher) and Xcode is required to
install and use the Xcode Clippings Menu. Xcode ships with Mac OS 10.3 and
is available on Apple’s website.

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