Stupendous Software Updates “Big & Bold” iMovie Plugin

Honolulu, HI – November 6, 2003 – Stupendous Software announces the
release of version 1.1 of “Big & Bold” title plugin pack for Apple
Computer’s (AAPL) iMovie video editing package.

The “Big & Bold” plugin pack contains 40 titles for iMovie. The
package contains titles featuring motion and strong graphic elements.
Many of the titles have controls to allow modification of the
appearance and motion of the text. The new version 1.1 has been
updated with five titles enhanced to result in smoother animation.

These updates are available for free to registered users of the
Stupendous Bundle. The Stupendous Bundle, Stupendous Software’s
all-in-one collection of plugin packs, now includes 14 iMovie plugin
packs featuring over 400 effects and titles ranging from color
correction to slow motion.

Educational customers can take advantage of the Educational Workstation
Bundle and Educational Lab Bundle, each providing significant discounts
for educators and schools. Site licensing is also available. For
details, please contact

System Requirements:

Mac OS9: iMovie 2.1.1 or above; Mac OSX: iMovie 2.1.2 or iMovie 3.0.x


$25 per plugin pack

$200 for Stupendous Bundle

Company Info:

Stupendous Software LLC, based in a clean and well lighted corner of
the Internet, was founded in the early part of this century with a
mission to research and develop digital storytelling technologies.