Perforce Applauds Apple’s Tool Integration,
Giving Xcode Developers Powerful Version Control

Perforce is sole commercial SCM chosen for Xcode Integration

Alameda, Calif., November 3, 2003 — Perforce Software today announced the
integration of its fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) system
with Xcode, Apple’s newest and most powerful set of development tools. Now
Apple developers can be more productive by seamlessly accessing the
Perforce source control system directly from their Xcode development

=93The push for Apple to implement this integration came from the Mac
community,=94 said Christopher Seiwald, founder and chief technology officer
of Perforce Software. “And, we’re happy for the opportunity to show
leading edge Macintosh developers the leading edge of SCM.”

Specific SCM features available in this integration include: check-in and
check-out; file comparison via either the built-in Apple Filemerge tool or
UNIX diff; file history; and updates to new and old versions. One
important feature, conflict resolution with diff markers, advances
concurrent development allowing developers to work on the same file at the
same time, and then resolving conflicting entries at check in.

About Perforce SCM for Macintosh Developers
Perforce SCM provides Macintosh developers with the leading and most
comprehensive SCM system for the native Mac OS X environment. A
high-powered enterprise SCM system, Perforce is a fast and easy-to-use
tool for version control, logically packaging changes to multiple files
into one unit. Perforce is efficient and flexible, managing project files
on local disks and providing for distributed development from remote
locations. Perforce’s extensive platform support enables Mac developers to
share code easily among developers on more than 50 operating systems.

About Perforce Software
Perforce Software Inc. develops, markets, and supports Perforce, the Fast
Software Configuration Management System. Headquartered in Alameda,
Calif., Perforce Software sells worldwide and has international operations
in Europe, Japan, and Africa. Perforce customers include developers of
systems, application, Web, and database software, and firms in the
financial, education, and research markets. For additional information,
contact Perforce Software via email at or phone at
+1.510.864.7400, or on the Web at