VPN Tracker brings IPsec features to Panther

Boston / Munich – October 24, 2003: The new release of Panther is
welcomed and celebrated by a worldwide Mac community; with its
superior user performance and excellent new features there is no doubt
that Panther will take the Mac fans by storm. "It is great that
Panther is finally released. We love it! And it is compatible to our
VPN client", comments Sofie Lindbergh, Marketing Manager at

Panther presents its users with improved features for secure
networking; however the security features in Panther does not support
the standard IPsec and is therefore not compatible to most VPN
gateways. "VPN Tracker is compatible to over 150 gateways devices
and will be the ultimate choice for Panther users to secure their
networking", explains Sofie Lindbergh.

By operating Panther and VPN Tracker secure networks can be
established and all branch and home office users and mobile workers
will be able to securely share files over the Internet. VPN Tracker
comes with predefined connection types for the majority of VPN
manufacturers and extensive interoperability how-to documents are
available for most set-ups. A complete certificate management solution
with built in CA features and an import/export that enables an easy
rollout for enterprise scenarios.  "VPN Tracker is off
course still compatible to Jaguar, and remains the only solution for a
bulletproof setup", notes Sofie Lindbergh.

Pricing and Availability
VPN Tracker 2.2 can be purchased from the equinux website, and from
authorized VPN Tracker consultants worldwide. Pricing starts at $89.90
for a single Personal Edition license, the Professional Edition
version is $199.90. To upgrade from previous 2.x versions is free and
to upgrade from 1.x starts at $19.90. For multiple licenses equinux
offers volume discounts.

About equinux
Founded in 1998, with offices in Munich and Boston, equinux is the
worldwide leader of VPN and APC software for the Mac OS X platform.
Famous for the VPN Tracker, that provides secure networking for Mac
users, and for the APC Tracker that controls Mac servers connected to
UPS devices.

To download a free demo: (a
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