Cartography software provider Mapdiva ( has announced the availability of 10 groups of hill and mountain symbols for graphic designers and mapmakers to create maps for websites, magazines, books, and brochures.

The Hills & Mountains Collection was created by Mapdiva’s design team to allow users to illustrate pictorial-styled landscapes and terrain and choose from a variety of map styles. Symbols can also be customized thanks to Ortelius’ Style Inspector and integrated Mac OS X color picker.

Featuring 10 groups of hill and mountain map symbols — 126 in all — the Hills & Mountains Collection includes an array of editable vector map symbols modeled after cartographers such as Erwin Raisz and Abraham Ortelius, and calligrapher Heather Child. The Hills & Mountains Collection can be imported into Ortelius’ new professional-level Library Manager.

Ortelius is a vector map illustration and editing application that focuses on cartography and graphics for publication and presentation. It’s used by graphic designers, authors, researchers, and educators around the world for creating scaled drawings, plans, and custom maps. Ortelius is made exclusively for Mac OS X for US$99. A demo is available from the Mapdiva web site.