Over the course of the past week, MacDesktops has posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Something Wicked Cool (Apple – Other Products) and Liz Hurley (Show some skin). Mandolux has issued eight new desktops: three Vector-based (iPod/Art), one ViDRIO Amber (Ice/Macro), and four Giant Fire REDUX (Flames/Kitchen) pictures. The Iconfactory has added a new Halloween icon set.MacMonkies have added four new icon sets and five new deskops, Peter Sucy has posted new desktops to his personal two monitor setup theme, and Xicons have posted seven new icon sets for Mac OS X. And to wrap things up this week, MikeMatas.com is giving away three 12″ PowerBook hard drive icon replacements, which were created to celebrate the “beauty and portability that is our 12″ PowerBook.”