For Immediate Release

Quadbase Systems Releases EspressReport v3.5

EspressReport now supports full integration with WebObjects, and includes
enhanced design tools, template security, and page-serving technology.

Santa Clara, CA — October 23, 2003 — Quadbase Systems, a leading supplier
of Java-based information delivery and presentation solutions, today
announced the release of EspressReport=C6 3.5. The new version adds over 50
new features and enhancements to Quadbase=EDs powerful reporting tools.

Full WebObjects integration enables rapid development and deployment
EspressReport 3.5 now offers full integration with WebObjects. User=EDs
building Web applications can easily include the powerful reporting
features into their projects. The report API can use WOComponent classes
to return dynamic pages. In addition, report data can be passed in using
NSArray, allowing EspressReport to integrate with WebObjects=ED EO Model and
Fetch specifications.

Key features enhance template re-usability and cut development time
For version 3.5 EspressReport introduces a new template security feature.
Using this feature, automatic filters for input data, and report content
can be defined within the template. By simply applying a filter at
run-time, single templates can deliver customized presentations to many
different users. Also for version 3.5 the internal scripting feature have
been enhanced, giving users even more dynamic run-time control of report
properties. Automated data source updating features make it easier to
migrate reports between installations.

New deployment options streamline report publication
For ease of deployment, EspressReport now allows users to pack all of the
report files into a single deployment file. Now charts, sub-reports,
drill-down layers, and images, can be deployed as a single file. This cuts
down on file maintenance, and makes it easy to deploy and run reports. A
new viewer component has been added as well. This application/applet
viewer employs a unique page-serving technology, allowing large reports to
be viewed on the client without sacrificing memory or performance.

New design features reduce report creation time, and give users more
New layout for the Report Designer tool, makes the most commonly used
features more accessible. New positioning features make it easy to add and
align report elements. EspressReport now supports all system fonts, and
provides methods to embed fonts within exported PDF files.


Quadbase Systems Inc. provides the tools, technologies and services that
enable clients to establish E-commerce Web sites, Enterprise Information
Portals, and to enhance Internet/Intranet applications. Since 1997, many
Global 1000 companies, including: IBM, Fidelity Investments, Lehman
Brothers, PNC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Daimler Chrysler, Sun Microsystems,
Vanguard Group, and GE, have selected Quadbase solutions for their data
delivery and visualization needs.