(Pittsburgh, PA) – Decimus Software Inc. today announced the release
of Synk 6, their acclaimed synchronization and backup software for
Macintosh. Synk 6 features a revolutionary new technology called
ZeroScan that can make incremental backups up to 100 times faster
than competing products and previous versions of Synk.

Between ZeroScan and Synk’s existing archival and scheduling
features, Synk 6 provides the benefits of Leopard’s “Time Machine”,
but is available today for Tiger users. In addition, Synk 6 is much
more flexible than Time Machine–Synk doesn’t require dedicating an
entire volume to only hold your backup, and works not only with HFS+
formatted external drives but also networked servers of many
varieties, including Windows, Linux, and WebDAV (iDisk).

Synk is commonly used to make bootable backups of both PowerPC and
Intel based Macs, as well as synchronizing and backing up files and
folders from your Mac with other networked Macs and PCs, or external
hard drives (including iPods). It can automatically execute
operations on a schedule, and provides extensive rule-based exclusion
support and flexible configurability.

The Synk 6 product line consists of three products, for users with
different needs. Synk Backup ($25) provides an easy-to-use interface
to harness ZeroScan and the Synk 6 engine to perform scheduled,
archiving backups of your entire system, home directory, or specific
folders. Synk Standard ($35) adds 2-way synchronization and extra
customization of the synchronization process. Synk Professional ($45)
further provides full N-way synchronization (an industry-first) with
deep configurability aimed at expert users.

All Synk 6 products are shareware and can be downloaded for a totally
unrestricted 30-day trial period from www.decimus.net. Synk 6
requires Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” or later; Synk 5 is still available
for users of 10.3.9.