October 27, 2003, Arlington, Texas

Thursby announces major security enhancements with ADmitMac v1.1

Thursby Software Systems announced the immediate availability of ADmitMac
v1.1. Thursby, well known for their leading Mac to PC connectivity solution
DAVE, first released ADmitMac v1.0 earlier this year. ADmitMac allows for
the integration of Macintosh systems into Microsoft Active Directory and
Windows NT domains.

ADmitMac v1.1 contains many improvements including Panther (Mac OS X 10.3)
support, significant improvements in security, and support for Microsoft’s
Distributed File System (Dfs).

Microsoft has stated that its earlier protocols were “vulnerable to widely
published attacks for obtaining user passwords.” ADmitMac v1.1 is the only
Mac product that provides full support for NTLMv2 in addition to its use of
Kerberos and encrypted LDAP authentication. These enhancements allow the new
release of ADmitMac to be used with Windows Server 2003 running at full
security levels.

Other advanced features unique to ADmitMac are the automatic reconnection of
broken links after extended sleep, the mounting of home directories inside
of protected trees, using the profile home directory as the user’s home
directory instead of requiring it be mounted as a simple volume, the ability
to manually add printers whose names cannot be browsed, and the requirement
of “Kerberized” mutual authentication to ensure that the server isn’t being

ADmitMac v1.1 is available now from Thursby’s web site www.thursby.com. For
pricing and details, contact sales at sales@thursby.com or call sales at

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of software solutions since 1986. In addition to the industry
standard file and print-sharing product, DAVE, Thursby products include
TSStalk and MacNFS.