QUALCOMM Releases Eudora(R) 6.0 – Significant Version Upgrade With New
Advanced Time-Saving Tools

– New Version Features SpamWatch, a Powerful, Automated Spam Protection Tool –

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq:
QCOM ), a leader in digital wireless communications and advanced electronic
messaging solutions for the Internet, today announced the commercial
release of Eudora 6.0 software, a powerful and feature-rich new version of
the popular e-mail program for Windows(R) and Macintosh(R) users. Eudora
6.0 e-mail software features automatic spam protection, an e-mail thread
condenser, automated type formatting tools, and mailbox organizational
shortcuts. Eudora 6.0 e-mail software can be downloaded at
http://www.eudora.com .

“Eudora has a long-standing reputation for providing benefits to
individual, small office and enterprise e-mail users, and Eudora 6.0 raises
the bar even higher,” said William Ganon, vice president of QUALCOMM Eudora
Products. “Spam e-mail is the single biggest problem we hear about from
users, followed closely by the challenge of managing the increasing volume
of e-mail. This latest version includes many new features, but there are
two in particular that address these issues directly: SpamWatch and Content


Eudora 6.0 e-mail software’s new SpamWatch feature, available in Paid mode
only, makes filtering out junk mail simple, easy and automatic. SpamWatch
is a whole suite of ready-to-use tools designed to stamp out unwanted junk
mail. Right out of the box, most junk mail will be quarantined by SpamWatch.

Eudora 6.0 even helps users sort through the junk e-mail box to find the
“wanted mail,” if there is any. Eudora’s junk mail box provides a numeric
ranking system — “junk score.” A higher number indicates e-mail with a
greater number of criteria defining that mail as spam.

It is easy to train SpamWatch based on individual requirements. With
unwanted mail selected, a simple click on the “Junk” command in the message
menu trains Eudora that the selected e-mail is junk. SpamWatch then adds
this information to the spam criteria. Conversely, wanted e-mail that ends
up in the junk box can be deemed “Not Junk” through the same menu and these
actions help Eudora learn what the user thinks is and is not junk e-mail.
Users can also add “Junk” and “Not Junk” icons to the toolbar to make the
process of teaching Eudora even easier.

Anyone who gets too much spam will benefit from upgrading to Eudora 6.0
with SpamWatch. Initiating SpamWatch is as simple as saying “yes” to the
invitation to use Eudora’s junk mailbox during installation of the Paid
mode version.

Eudora features an open API architecture in both Paid mode and Sponsored
mode, available to third party developers, so other anti-spam tools and
plug- ins can be integrated simply and smoothly.

Content Concentrator(TM)

It can be challenging to unravel a long e-mail thread, or to find what the
sender actually said in the midst of all the quoting, signatures, forwards
and other information included in long e-mail threads. The Content
Concentrator feature will help by providing a streamlined view of an
e-mail, making it easy to get to the heart of an e-mail conversation, with
nearly the whole thread visible at a glance. Users can choose from three
levels of concentration, depending on their needs.

Other New Features

* Contextual Filing allows users to select a word within a message, and
with a single click, automatically file the message in a folder or
mailbox of the same name, or one that contains the word selected.

* Format Painter (Windows only) easily copies fonts & styles from one
place to another in an e-mail.

* Mailbox Drawer (Macintosh OS X 10.2 only) provides users with a
convenient way to access their list of mailboxes from any mailbox

* Dual SMTP Authorization allows Eudora to interoperate with the ISP’s
increasing restrictions on sending and forwarding mail.

* Improved filtering and transfer actions in IMAP mode.

* New Look: Eudora has a brand new set of icons, so it looks right at
home on a Windows XP or Mac OS X system. The user also has the option
to maintain the classic look of Eudora.

Eudora 6.0 in Paid mode is available for $49.95 for new purchasers; $39.95
for previously paid registered users (Version 4.3 and higher); and no
charge to users who purchased and registered the Paid mode of Eudora
versions in the last 12 months. It features SpamWatch, in addition to all
of the new features in 6.0. Technical support is available only to Paid
mode users. The program is free when used in Sponsored mode, which contains
all the features of Paid mode, except for SpamWatch. It also displays
advertising in the user interface.

More information on all the new features of Eudora 6.0 can be found in the
documents located at http://www.eudora.com/download . CDs of Eudora 6.0 can
be ordered for a nominal charge by users who prefer not to download the
software from the Internet.

QUALCOMM Incorporated ( http://www.qualcomm.com ) is a leader in developing
and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and
services based on the Company’s Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
digital technology. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., QUALCOMM is
included in the S&P 500 Index and is a 2003 FORTUNE 500(R) company traded
on The Nasdaq Stock Market(R) under the ticker symbol QCOM.