LANDesk Software Increases Enterprise Security Support for Macintosh Systems

LANDesk Trusted Access now provides scan and block technology for Macintosh
OS X systems; LANDesk is also the first comprehensive endpoint
configuration and security management vendor to announce full compatibility
and management support for Intel-based Macintosh systems

San Francisco, CA–January 10, 2006–LANDesk Software, a leading provider
of integrated systems and security management solutions, announced today at
Macworld Expo that it is extending its security management leadership with
Macintosh OS X support for the LANDesk Trusted Access solution. LANDesk
will also provide full compatibility and management support for the
Intel-based Macintosh systems. LANDesk’s initiative with this announcement
is to drive the development of tools to successfully manage heterogeneous
network environments.

Using LANDesk Trusted Access technology, LANDesk Security Suite lets IT
managers stop infected or unprotected systems from connecting to corporate
network as well as protect corporate resources from connected systems that
become corrupt. Quarantined systems are then stepped through the
appropriate remediation steps to bring them into compliance with corporate
policies before being granted access and released onto the network.

“Providing LANDesk Trusted Access support to Mac OS X computers increases
the enterprise-readiness level of Macintosh machines and enables IT
managers to add one more layer of security against the increasing number of
blended system threats and attacks,” said Dave R. Taylor, vice president of
worldwide marketing for LANDesk Software. “This process increases an IT
organization’s ability to be less reactive and more proactive in their
planning and systems management.”

LANDesk Trusted Access technology supports a network hardware independent
implementation, to help ensure security policy compliance for devices
connecting to the network for greater protection against blended threats.

The addition of LANDesk Trusted Access functionality for Macintosh OS X is
available as part of the LANDesk 8.6.1 service pack being distributed to
existing customers and available for purchase in January 2006.

LANDesk will demonstrate support for the new LANDesk Trusted Access
functionality, in booth #2638 at Macworld Expo.

LANDesk will also provide full compatibility and management support for
Intel-based Macintoshes. LANDesk will provide the same comprehensive
support for Intel-based Macintosh computers that it offers for current Mac
OS X computers. This will enable enterprises to quickly integrate
Intel-based Macs into their existing environment with minimal impact.
LANDesk is the first vendor in the systems and security management space
to successfully address enterprise manageability in a truly heterogeneous
network environment.

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