iDevGames Kicks off uDevGame 2003 Mac Game Development Contest

Takamatsu City, Japan, August 4, 2003 – iDevGames, the leading website
for Macintosh game development, announced the start of uDevGame 2003,
the 3rd annual Macintosh game development contest today. The uDevGame
Contest gives programmers, designers, artists, and musicians the chance
to both improve the state of gaming on the Macintosh platform, and to
contribute to the independent development community. More than $16,000
of prizes are offered as incentives this year!

“iDevGames has received an immense amount of support in our efforts to
make a difference at the grassroots level through the uDevGame Contest,
and we are dedicated to highlighting the tremendous talent of
independent game developers,” said Carlos Camacho, Editor-in-Chief of
iDevGames. “The uDevGame Contest provides developers with a unique
opportunity to utilize their skills as well as improve Mac gaming.”

iDevGames established the uDevGame Contest in 2001 to energize game
development on the Apple Macintosh platform, encourage innovation in
Mac games, and to garner recognition for the best Mac independent game
developers. The uDevGame 2003 Contest is based on three fundemental
principles: Creation of original Macintosh games, Education of the
Macintosh development community, and Success of talented Macintosh
programmers, artists, musicians, and designers.

The contest challenges entrants to create an original Mac OS X game in
only three months. The games are then subjected to a period of public
voting and rated in five categories: Game Play, Originality, Polish,
Graphics, and Sound & Music. Prizes are awarded to the developers of
the top three ranking games in each category, as well as the top three
Best Overall Games. A complete list of prizes with descriptions can be
found at:

“uDevGame is the best thing to happen to Mac game development in a very
long time,” said Colin Lynch Smith, Vice President of Freeverse
Software, “The encouragement and resources it provides to independent
developers make titles like Rocco Bowling’s ‘Solace’ possible.
Freeverse is proud to be publishing such a terrific Mac-developed game.”

Entries are limited to one per person or team, and must run natively in
Mac OS X. Entries may be created with any Mac OS tool, but must be less
than 10MB when compressed. The source code, or source files, for all
entries must be submitted to iDevGames. The uDevGame Contest is open to
all developers in any country.

More information about the competition and how to enter can be found at
uDevGame 2003’s official home page.

The generous support of the following businesses and organizations have
made uDevGame 2003 possible: Aladdin Systems, Inc.; Ambrosia Software,
Inc.; ATI Technologies, Inc.; Bare Bones Software; Belkin Corporation;
Big Nerd Ranch, Inc.; Codenautics; Curious Labs; Danlab Games; dot
software; e-on software; Eovia; Flamin’ Ghost Software; Freeverse;
GarageGames; Harman Multimedia; Inside Mac Games; International Game
Developers Association (IGDA); Inventive, Inc.; Mac-Yun-Soft;; MacTech Magazine; Manning Publications Co.; MAXON
Computer, Inc.; McWare USA; Metrowerks; Monte Boyd Interactive;
Nathalie Poitiers Design; New Riders Games; Paraglyph Press; Pixels
Digital, Inc.; Pixologic, Inc.; Premier Press; REAL Software, Inc.;
REALbasic Developer; Sagan Technology; STAZ Software, Inc.; Stone
Design; Strange Flavour; Strata Software; The Omni Group; The Sound
Guy, Inc.; TNT Software; Tribeworks; Wbws Inc.; Westlake Interactive;
Wordware Publishing, Inc.; Xgaming, Inc; Xtreme Game Developers Xpo.
(Sponsor list:

Companies wishing to become official sponsors are still welcomed.
Please read the editorial titled “uDevGame 2003: Calling Mac Software
and Hardware Vendors”
( to learn what the
benefits of sponsorship entail, and for information on signing up.

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