Ch ODBC 3.5 for MySQL Connector/ODBC released

DAVIS, Calif., August, 01, 2003 – SoftIntegration, Inc., today announced the
release of Ch ODBC 3.5 for the MySQL Connector/ODBC (MyODBC) driver. Ch is
a superset of embeddable C interpreter for scripting, 2D/3D plotting and
numerical computing.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a widely used application programming
interface (C API) for database independent programming. It standardizes
access to databases from different vendors. This Ch ODBC package is Ch
binding to Microsoft ODBC and iODBC for the MySQL Connector/ODBC.

This package allows C scripts to connect to the MySQL database in a widely
supported industry standard. The ODBC C code can now run across platform
without compilation and link. Along with user-friendly Ch CGI toolkit, it
is ideal for shopping cart and Web-based applications with MySQL database

“The integration of Ch ODBC for MySQL will accelerate the rapid application
development and deployment for C/C++ developers,” said Dr. Dawn Cheng,
President at SoftIntegration. “Programmers can now achieve higher levels of
productivity with Ch ODBC for Connector/ODBC.”

“SoftIntegration’s Ch ODBC has the flexibility and power for enterprise
applications and is becoming an important scripting language for C/C++
software developers,” said Bertrand Mattelie, director of alliances at MySQL
AB. “MySQL AB is committed to working with innovative companies like
SoftIntegration to ensure that the MySQL user community has a wide range
of high quality products and tools to work with.”

Ch ODBC for MySQL Connector/ODBC runs in Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and
MacOSX. It is freely available for both commercial and non-commercial use.