Release 7 of the Spider Island C++ WebSTAR API (WSAPI) Plug-In Framework is
available now. Yes, that is a mouthful, but a tasty one if you want to
develop fast and reliable Plug-Ins for MacOS Web Servers.

The software provides C++ programmers a robust and proven framework for
developing commercial quality Plug-Ins. This is a free library and includes
complete source code.

This new release supports WSAPI v1.3, HTTP output buffering for faster page
transfers, URL and HTML encoding.

Other features include: Private Heap management to provide safe, direct
access to the MacOS Memory Manager, support for using “new” in static
initializers, MacOS text to HTML/URL conversion utilities, on-the-fly
creation of JPEG images, and optional support for Metrowerks PowerPlant.

The package includes samples for using WSAPI network services, forms
processing, access of server parameters, and HTML based Plug-In

It’s available for download now from (

For more information, please contact: Rusty Tucker, Spider Island Software

About Spider Island Software: Founded in 1988, Spider Island Software,
located in Irvine, CA, is a privately held company that specializes in the
development and marketing of advanced server products for MacOS. The
company can be reached at tel: +1 (714) 508-9366, fax +1 (714) 508-9233,