JULY 23,2003 – dot software is pleased to announce the release of its
batch manipulating utility, QuickConvert. This is the first release
of QuickConvert that is available for Mac OS X. QuickConvert is a
program that allows one to batch process your files using
Entourage/Mail-like rules. QuickConvert’s conditions can save one
hours of sorting while QuickConvert’s actions can save one hours of
modifying. QuickConvert can do everything from change mac creator and
type codes to modify file names and move files. QuickConvert can save
one hours of work and is highly customizable.

QuickConvert 2.0 is completely rewritten from the ground up and its
features include:
– Batch Processing
– Folder Scanning
– Rules
– Over 20 Conditions
– Over 10 Actions
– Unlimited Rules
– Speed

More information about QuickConvert can be found at
http://www.dotsw.com/quickconvert.html and QuickConvert for Mac OS X
can be downloaded directly from