I’m pleased to announce the 1.67 release of Impression, backup
software for Mac OS X. For immediate release:

Impression 1.67 brings the ability to store archives on AES-128
encrypted disk images to the backup application for Mac OS X.
Passwords for encrypted disk images have the additional option of
being stored in the logged on user’s keychain. This release also
offers improved internationalized date treatments, as well as a host
of bug fixes and UI improvements.

Full release notes and speed comparison charts are available at this
URL: (http://www.babelcompany.com/impression/history.html)

Impression costs US$25 to register. A free, fully unlocked trial
version is available for download and evaluation.

Impression is available for download immediately, directly through
this address: (http://www.babelcompany.com/impression/Impression.sit)

Thanks for your time,

Steve Elliott
Babel Company