Econ Technologies ( has updated ChronoSync to version 4.2 and ChronoAgent for Mac to version 1.2.

ChronoSync is an automated synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X and ChronoAgent for Mac is a utility that runs on the destination Mac and communicates directly with ChronoSync, giving you full root access to the destination Mac. New Trial Sync and Scheduling options have been added to both ChronoSync and ChronoAgent. The new versions include several other features and bug fixes.

TheTrial Sync window displays additional file stats and new options for controlling and comparing files on both targets. Further, when a synchronization is run after a Trial Sync, the progress bar will display a time estimate. New scheduling options include “Retry on Errors” and “Sync Limits.”

“Retry on errors” enables ChronoSync to automatically run a sync again if the synchronization encountered any error or did not complete. “Sync limits” sets a limit on the number of scheduled syncs that can be run. So regardless if the Mac connects to the network one to 100 times a day, only a specified number of backups will take place.

ChronoAgent for Mac 1.2 adds the ability to schedule ChronoSync Container Documents using the “Sync When Available” option. Container Documents group multiple Syncs to run as one. When utilized with the “Sync When Available” option, any Mac running ChronoAgent notifies another Mac running ChronoSync when it joins a network, enabling any Mac to automatically get backed up to a server when it joins the network.

ChronoSync and ChronoAgent for Mac will run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Demos are available for download. ChronoSync costs US$40, and ChronoAgent for Mac is $10. As always, all existing ChronoSync users update for free.