SkinkHunt Offers New Developer Services at WWDC Exhibit Fair

Prescott, Arizona – June 23rd, 2003 – The SkinkHunt Software Company
launched new developer services at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference
(WWDC) in San Francisco today. As well as developing its own software,
SkinkHunt offers services for developers trying to get their applications
to the buying public. With help in code development, interface design, and
marketing, SkinkHunt is the one-stop shop for independent application
developers. WWDC runs from June 23 – 27 and SkinkHunt invites you to stop
for more information.

Mac OS X is an innovative, graphically rich and sophisticated operating
system that makes it easier for developers to create robust applications
quicker than ever before. The downside is that independent developers can
find themselves overwhelmed with the tasks required to develop and
successfully market a polished application for Mac OS X.

SkinkHunt aims to alleviate this pain by offering assistance in creating
professional icons, help pages, manuals, designing and hosting the
application’s website, feature-set consultation, beta testing, marketing,
technical assistance, translation services and payment processing.
SkinkHunt will charge developers nothing up front, but instead take a
percentage of the sales. In harnessing the talent of software developers,
SkinkHunt aims to bring to market applications that may not otherwise be

Developers wishing to take advantage of SkinkHunt’s services should visit
the SkinkHunt booth at WWDC, or the SkinkHunt website for more information
at or email the contact details to

Additionally, the SkinkHunt Software Company offers to create custom
solutions for the desktop or the web. Collectively, the SkinkHunt team has
decades of experience in a range of skills including software development
across a variety of platforms, programming languages and lines of business.
For more information visit the SkinkHunt booth at WWDC. Details are also
available on the SkinkHunt website at or