June 23, 2003

WWDC: Blacksmith to demo Chartsmith’s AppleScript interface, DayLite
integration, and Querysmith

At this weeks World Wide Developer Conference, Blacksmith will demonstrate
the power of Chartsmith’s AppleScript interface. Demonstrations will
include custom application development with Chartsmith, as well as examples
of how DayLite users now have easy access to Chartsmith charts and graphs
through the AppleScript interface. In addition, Blacksmith will offer a
sneak peak at Querysmith, its upcoming database query and reporting

Chartsmith, the popular charting and graphing application for Mac OS X,
provides developers access to its powerful graphing engine via an elegant
AppleScript interface. With a few simple commands, developers
programatically create graphs by sending data and chart specifications to
Chartsmith. Every feature available to Chartsmith users is made available
to developers through Chartsmith’s innovative use of chart templates.
Charts can be displayed directly within the developer’s application, within
the Chartsmith user interface, or exported for use elsewhere.

DayLite, the popular Customer Relationship Management software from
Marketcircle is a great example of the Chartsmith AppleScript interface in
action. With a few minor enhancements the Marketcircle programming team has
provided DayLite users with new features that allow them to easily produce
Chartsmith graphs of their data directly from DayLite.

Querysmith, the upcoming database query and reporting tool will also be
available for demonstration at the Blacksmith booth. Querysmith will
provide users with point-n-click access to data stored in any relational
database. Querysmith also provides a powerful set of data aggregation and
formating features that allows users to easily create customized reports
from their data.

Visit Blacksmith online and download a free demonstration copy of
Chartsmith complete with code samples at Fully enabled
copies of Chartsmith are priced at $129US. Educational discounts are
provided for faculty at $99US and students at $69US.

Blacksmith Technologies delivers enterprise-class, commercial software and
custom development services for Mac OS X and WebObjects. Chartsmith,
Blacksmith’s first product for Mac OS X is in its third major release and
has become the charting and graphing application of choice for Mac OS X
users. The upcoming release of Querysmith, Blacksmith’s database query and
reporting tool is the next in a long line of Mac OS X applications from

Marketcircle develops, markets and supports Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) software for Mac OS X based businesses. Headquartered in
Toronto, Canada, Marketcircle’s expertise is based on extensive CRM
experience, and skilled WebObjects and Cocoa programming. Marketcircle
founders have a 10-year track record of delivering robust, industrial-grade
applications on Apple systems. For additional information, visit
Marketcircle on the web at, or contact Marketcircle
via email at