Circus Ponies NoteBook 1.1 Ships on Mac OS X with over 30 New Features and
Enhancements Free Upgrades for Current Customers and User Group Programs
Also Announced

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 16, 2003 – Circus Ponies Software, Inc. today
announced the availability of NoteBook 1.1, an enhanced version of its
acclaimed outlining, clipping, and free-form database product for Mac OS X.
The update is free to all registered users and can be downloaded directly
from the company’s web site. A 30-day free trial version of the full
product is also available.

“NoteBook 1.1 integrates hundreds of user suggestions and recommendations
based on the thousands of downloads and user requests we’ve gotten since we
first launched NoteBook two months ago,” said Jayson Adams, co-founder and
VP of Technology at Circus Ponies. “We’ve been thrilled by the partnership
our customers have forged with us. Between the new features we’ve thought
up together and the legacy outlining features they’ve helped us to
understand, we think NoteBook is better positioned than ever to bridge the
gap between working styles in the digital hub. And that can only make Mac
users love OS X even more.”

What’s New in NoteBook 1.1
The new version of NoteBook provides over 30 new features, enhancements,
and improvements, concentrated in four areas: (1) power outlining and
annotation features; (2) advanced clipping, import/export, and media
management services; (3) advanced search and navigation; and (4) user
interface enhancements. The release also includes performance and printing
improvements, a comprehensive new online help system, along with various
bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Highlights of the new NoteBook 1.1 release are as follows:

New Power Outlining and Annotation Features
NEW – Power outlining commands, including Hoist/Unhoist, Move Up, Move
Down, Move Right,Move Left, all with keyboard equivalents
NEW – New List Mode for quickly entering lists with a single Return to end
editing and add a new item
NEW – Checkboxes for Action Item tracking
NEW- Voice annotation
NEW- New ‘Cell Date’ attribute for assigning your own dates to items
NEW – Sticker and Keyword ‘Favorites’ lists
NEW – Contextual menus for quickly assigning or replacing Stickers and Keywords
NEW – ‘Assign as Keyword’ feature for current selection
NEW- Automatic ‘Clipping Source’ Keyword to identify the source app of each
NEW – Insert Cell Break command
NEW – Cell Selection commands (i.e., Next/Previous Sibling)

IMPROVED – Formatting and indexing of Japanese text

ENHANCED – Paragraph Mode Indicator
ENHANCED – Greater range of scalability of attachments within Media Frames
ENHANCED – Adjustable opacity levels for your highlighters

Exclusive New Clipping, Import/Export, and Media Management Services
NEW – ‘Super-Clipping’ Service, featuring access through NoteBook’s new
contextual menu plug-in
NEW – ‘Clip and Annotate’ feature to edit a selection before clipping it
(via Super-Clipping)
NEW – Automatic URL clipping from Safari (via Super-Clipping)
NEW – Clip as Plain Text feature (either as global/page preference or on a
per-clipping basis)
NEW – Scale Movies within Media Frames (.mpeg, .mov)
NEW – Audio playback within Media Frames (.wav, .mpeg, .aiff)
NEW -Specify which page of a PDF file to display in a Media Frame
NEW – Importing Preferences, including drag-to-copy/drag-to-link and
default settings for Media Frames

IMPROVED – Clipping Service tracking and management
IMPROVED – Media file type recognition
ENHANCED – NoteBook OPML Import now compensates for the
incorrectly-generated OPML files exported by certain OS X apps
ENHANCED – Greater range of scalability of attachments within Media Frames

Advanced Search and Navigation
NEW -“Super-Tab” Navigation that lets you Control-Click on Section Tabs to
navigate directly to their contained pages
NEW – Emacs-style Navigation
NEW – Page Zoom (to change the percentage view on screen)
NEW – Use selection for Super-Find
ENHANCED – Super-Find interface, including clear buttons for search field
and lists

User Interface Enhancements
NEW – Support for the Graphite interface style
NEW – NoteBook page customization options (show/hide page names, page
numbers, page curl, punch holes, inspector button, plus option to use 2-D
cell controls)
ENHANCED – Preferences, including the ability to enable/disable Tool Tips

Printing Services Enhancements
NEW – Fixed paper size printing added
ENHANCED – Divider Page printing

About Circus Ponies NoteBook
Circus Ponies NoteBook is a combination outliner and free-form database
that lets OS X users clip, organize, and share unstructured information
from any source in any way they like. The program uses an
easy-to-understand notebook interface to provide state-of-the-art media
capture, multi-dimensional indexing, and inter-application clipping
services. Circus Ponies NoteBook is already being used and praised in the
Education, SciTech, and Small Business markets worldwide.

System Requirements
Circus Ponies NoteBook 1.1 runs on Mac OS X version 10.1 or higher.

Pricing and Availability
NoteBook 1.1 is available now directly from the Circus Ponies online store
for a list price of $49.95 per user. The Circus Ponies online store also
offers a direct, discounted educational price of $29.95 to students,
faculty, staff, and administration of qualifying educational institutions.
See the company’s General FAQ and online store for information.

Upgrade and Demo Programs
Current owners of Circus Ponies NoteBook can upgrade to the new version at
no charge by downloading and installing the new version from the Downloads
page of the company’s web site. In addition, the company’s demo program
offers Mac users the opportunity to evaluate a full version NoteBook free
for 30 days. See the web site for more information.

Other Company Announcements

Circus Ponies Joins Adobe,, and Microsoft as a Platinum
Co-Sponsor of the User Group Leadership Conference Circus Ponies is pleased
to join Apple, Adobe,, and Microsoft as a Platinum Co-Sponsor
of the User Group Leadership Conference (UGLC) in New York City on July 15,
2003, one day before the Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo. The UGLC
will be this year’s only nationally focused Apple User Group Leadership
event and will include workshops, panel discussions, and a closing pizza
party and networking session. Information on the UGLC and Circus Ponies’
participation can be found on the MUG Center web site at as well as in an upcoming interview on The User
Group Report audio series with Chuck Joiner, available at

Circus Ponies User Group Program Now Available for Qualified MUGs Circus
Ponies also announced the launch of its formal User Group Program,
including special promotions for qualified MUGs. “User Groups are the soul
of the Macintosh community and they’ve been been nothing short of
spectacular in welcoming us,” said Elizabeth Statmore, co-founder and VP of
Marketing and Sales at Circus Ponies. “Our new User Group Program and User
Group Promotions are our way of saying thank you to the User Group
community for making it so worthwhile to be a vendor in this market.”

Information on the Circus Ponies User Group Program and other Vendor
Programs for MUGs can be found at Details of the Circus
Ponies User Group Special Offer are included in the June edition of the
Apple User Group Bulletin and are available exclusively to qualified User
Group members. Contact your user group leader for details.

About Circus Ponies
Circus Ponies Software was founded in 2003 by Jayson Adams and Elizabeth
Statmore as an artisan software house to create best-of-breed apps that
surprise and delight users with their beauty and usefulness. To that end,
the company produces software exclusively for Mac OS X. The company is
headquartered in San Francisco, California.