Monday, June 16, 2003

24U Software has just updated 24U Email OSAX to version 2.2! This handy
easy-to-use scripting addition enables you to send e-mails directly from
your scripts!

What is 24U Email OSAX?

24U Email OSAX extends your AppleScript by an ability to send electronic
mails directly, without need of any additional aplication. You can send
e-mails quickly and easily from your scripts (i.e. CGI, Folder Action,
database). Automate your e-mail communication with AppleScript! Your
computer can do all the boring e-mail work for you.

More Info:

What is new in version 2.2:

– added sample scripts for setting e-mail’s priority and other SMTP headers
– added new parameter for specifying extra (custom) headers
– corrected CRAM-MD5 authentication
– corrected line wrapping problem

Attractive prices of 24U Email OSAX:

– Single user licence for 24U Email OSAX – $17 US!
– Profitable bundling licences for AppleScript developers!

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