Graph Palette Gains More Power
June 10, 2003

VVI today announced an update to its Interface Builder Vvidget Graph
Palette. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, made this statement:

“The graph palette is designed to be easy to use and have minimal impact on
the application that uses it. But many times users of a reporting
application need more formatting flexibility for post-analysis work like
publish-ready layout. To solve that issue any graph or figure made with the
graph palette can now be exported to the interactive layout application
Vvidget Builder, with the click of a button, for markup and to gain access
to thousands of tunable attributes and added features. This is especially
useful because a vertical-market reporting application and post-analysis
application requirements are mutually exclusive in their feature sets and
controls layout. This provides a powerful combined solution with minimal
training or upkeep and can be incorporated into any application in just a
few minutes.”

John adds: “Analysts, scientists and engineers can combine the graph
palette with custom code and focus on what is important to them: their own
specific model and analysis algorithms. They aren’t constrained by a fixed
off-the-shelf solution or have to manage hand selections in a spread sheet
or go through scripting contortions to massage their data. They can use the
general tools they have always been use to, automate their data gathering
and analysis and get graphs right away. And when they see a graph they like
or want to publish, hit the button and export that result to a powerful
layout tool.

The system also includes a graphing server where the same methodology is
used to make dynamic charts for web interfaces, so graphs available through
the palette are also available for web application services with minimal
retooling or training. VVI also provides a comprehensive package of
support, training, and contracting for more demanding report needs.”

The Graph Palette is part of the Vvidget User product and is available for
download at and purchase at