Web Signal: Plot Any Data From The Web
June 10, 2003

VVI today announced availability of Web Signal , a programmable web data
plotting application. With Web Signal you can:

Point it to your favorite financial site and plot price, volume or other
dynamic data for your stocks.

Write your own CGI, ASP or other web application service in your language
of choice and point Web Signal to it and plot the results (an example
script is included).

Point it to web servers in remote system acquisition, spacecraft, and
sensors to plot their output.

Point it to NOAA-NWS (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service) and plot out temperature, humidity or other
weather information from any city. An example of plotting out temperature
and humidity for San Francisco is included.

Point it to a computer you are concerned about and plot any of its
parameters using your own script. An uptime load average script is provided
as an example.

When you collect the plot you want then click the Export button to send the
plot to Vvidget Builder to customize, markup and make perfect so you can
show your sponsors, supervisor, publish it in a report and gain access to
thousands of tunable attributes and added features.

Find your favorite piece of dynamic data from the billions of web pages
available throughout the world, and above the world, and plot it out in
real time.

Plot seconds, days, months or years of data and pan vast amounts of data
quickly due to the optimizations incorporated in Web Signal.

Web Signal is part of the Vvidget User product and is available for
download at http://www.vvi.com/download/vvidgetuser and purchase at
http://www.vvi.com/purchase. You can build interfaces like Web Signal
through the world-class visualization programming framework
http://www.vvi.com/products/vvidgetpro which can acquire data from any
database, instrumentation, process control device, stock feed, or any other
data source and show unlimited channels of data simultaneously and a wide
variety of charts, graphs, diagrams and visuals in real time and in any
arrangement desired.