Paris, June 03, 2003.


F-Script is a lightweight object-oriented interactive and scripting layer
specifically designed for Mac OS X object system (i.e. Cocoa). F-Script
version 1.2.4 greatly enhances the integration between F-Script and Cocoa,
and comes with extended documentation (a detailed description of what is
new in this version can be found at

F-Script provides several innovative object-oriented technologies:

– F-Script is the only open-source scripting environment for Mac OS X using
Cocoa as its native object model.

– The graphical F-Script object browser (a.k.a. “behavioral inspector”)
allows users to interactively invoke methods on any Cocoa or custom
Objective-C objects without writing code. Other innovative graphical tools
like the F-Script array inspector provide powerful means for the
exploration of objects.

– F-Script introduces an innovative programming model based on the
integration of array programming and object-oriented programming. This
model shines in its ability to express computations at a high level of
abstraction, allowing one to manipulate and query whole sets of data at
once. As a result, complex expressions manipulating entire sets of objects
are easy to design and are expressed in an extremely compact manner,
without requiring the explicit use of loops, tests, or navigation
instructions. The same expressions would require several tens or hundreds
of lines of code in conventional object-oriented programming languages.

– F-Script can be embedded into other applications thanks to a set of
extremely easy to use components. In addition, F-Script can be dynamically
injected into any Cocoa application at run-time, thanks to the “F-Script
Anywhere” technology developed by Nicholas Riley.

Based on Smalltalk’s syntax and concepts, F-Script provides a pure
object-oriented environment that leverage Mac OS X technologies and aims to
be a useful and fun tool for both beginners and experts. It allows
interactively exploring, testing and using Cocoa-based objects and
frameworks. F-Script is used in various fields including game development,
software debugging, astrophysics, biology, music analysis, embedded
extension language etc.

F-Script is released free of charge, as an open source software. It can be
downloaded from The F-Script project is sponsored
by the European Smalltalk User Group ( and SQLI (