SMARTVue: Software Utility Prevents OS X Data Loss

SMARTVue is a suite of hard disk utilities for Apple OS X that monitors
your hard drives health and reports potential problems before you lose
data. Granite Digital has released two versions of SMARTVue, SMARTVue pro
and SMARTVue lite. SMARTVue pro includes tools for interacting with the
S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) features
of modern hard disks, tools for benchmarking and testing hard disks, and
tools for configuring custom capabilities found only in Granite Digital
FireWire storage products. SMARTVue lite is being distributed as freeware
and will include only a subset of the hard disk benchmarking and data
integrity testing features of SMARTVue pro.

According to Frank Gabrielli, President of Granite Digital, “We believe
SMARTVue will help make data storage more reliable, safer, and prevent loss
of important information. By making SMARTVue lite available for free we
think it will quickly become the de facto standard for hard disk
benchmarking on OS X.”

The free edition of SMARTVue lite and the pro version are available on the
Granite website, The cost for the pro version is
$29.95 for the downloadable version and $39.95 for the full CD retail boxed

Granite Digital also offers a full line of SMART Drive FireWire products.
Granite SMART Drive products include the Granite SMART Hot-Swap system and
the Granite SMART Drive external FireWire enclosure. Granite SMART products
incorporate built-in LCD+keypad interfaces through which the user can
monitor the performance and reliability of the hard disk. Granite SMART
products monitor hard disk S.M.A.R.T. status in real time, warning users in
advance of most hard disk malfunctions.


Granite Digital
Sales Department