Intel will officially unveil its Ivy Bridge computer processors on April 23, according to “DigiTimes” ( If that’s true, new MacBooks Airs, MacBook Pros (or will that be MacBook Pro Airs?) and iMacs soon.

The Ivy Bridge family of processors is the first by Intel to incorporate their 3D Tri-Gate technology, reports the “EE TImes” (  These smaller transistors, with their fin-like structure, allow for high volume manufacturing of power-efficient processors with increased processing power while simplifying the transition to smaller nodes, such as 14nm. Ivy Bridge chips also support: PCI Express 3.0; USB 3.0; multiple 4K video playback; and more.

Also, according to “HardMac” (, Intel will introduce a new series of Thunderbolt controllers known as Cactus Ridge. If specifications are identical to previous models, they’ll be smaller and use less power, the article says. If that’s accurate, expect the new Thunderbolt controllers to appear in new Macs, as well.