New Xserve Cluster Node Offers Competitive Price/Performance

Loveland, Colorado — 25 March 2003 — Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the
leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, today promoted the
new Apple Xserve “Cluster Node” and RAID boxes with highly competitive
pricing for clusters of all sizes.

“The Xserve Cluster Node is simply perfect, offering the strongest
price/performance advantage ever offered by Apple Computer. [The Cluster
Node] takes full advantage of Yellow Dog Linux and our cluster management
suite Black Lab as both are inherently designed to boot without local
CD-ROM or video card,” stated Kai Staats, co-founder and CEO of Terra Soft.

The new Cluster Node is a simplified but highly powerful 1U Xserve. Apple
removed the AGP Gigabit card, video card, CD-ROM, and $1000 from the price
tag. Designed to net-boot and perform as a clustered compute node, Terra
Soft is pleased to showcase the Cluster Node as its preferred cluster

With a basic, single unit cost of $2799 for a dual 1.33 GHz that provides
19 GFlops performance, the price/performance ratio ($147/GFlop) provides
stiff competition to Intel Xeon-based compute nodes for 32-bit calculations.

In addition, Terra Soft is pleased to immediately offer the Xserve RAID
fiber channel storage solution in 720 GB, 1.26 Terabyte, and 2.52 Terabyte
configurations with Yellow Dog Linux support.

As an Apple Authorized OEM VAR with discounts to educational facilities and
university operated national labs, Terra Soft is enabled to provide volume
discounts to commercial, government, and educational customers.

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The RAID box is shipping now. The Cluster Node is slated to ship by the end of

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading developer of integrated solutions for PowerPC and an
Apple OEM VAR. Yellow Dog Linux has boosted viability of Linux on PowerPC
microprocessors with support for desktop, embedded, and HPC systems. Black
Lab is an advanced, scalable, HPC cluster build and management suite.

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