I would like to announce something specific to developers who are for one
reason or another bound to deliver CFM applications, code resources and/or
plugins for the MacOS X platform.

Nowedays the CarbonLib 1.6 is the last library to which one can link too in
a CFM based environment, and any new features in OSX won’t make it in
carbonlib anymore.

Developers know how to weak link to the systemFramework of MacOSX, while the
header files in the various frameworks provide the prototypes of the
functions available. CodeWarrior does not provide precompiled headers for
CFM-based targets, only MACHO-based targets on OSX.

The tool provided here is a little application that could have been
implemented by MetroWerks. It provides a flattened version of the many
framework header files, and does some other interesting things.

The flattened headers can be used in CW 4, 5, 6,7, 8, and be precompiled.
The advantage then is that one can access any function, use any type,
without worrying that it may not be defined. Obviously, the tool does not
make the function pointers to call into the systemframework, but having
these precompiled headers in a CFM-based target, makes the carbonlib
obsolete, and allows for the most updated “libs” available.

Anyone who is interested, however, requires a license, because it took quite
some efforts; the package though contains a CW-project and a RB project,
which provide the user all the tools to further tweak if required. In
addition, info indicates what to do when the CW project fails to complete
the compilation. This will occur, because some manual tweaks in a couple of
header files is necessary.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a demo.

Visit: (http://homepage.mac.com/vanhoek/)

Alfred N. Van Hoek, Ph.D. http://homepage.mac.com/vanhoek/