Sony has unveiled three new Clié handhelds — the TG50, SJ33 Limited Edition and SJ22. The TG50
features the Palm OS 5 operating system, high-resolution color screen (320 x 320 pixels), bluetooth wireless connectivity, built-in voice recorder, MP3 audio player, and an integrated keyboard. The compact Clié SJ22 offers the same high-resolution color screen as the TG50, has 16MB of built-in storage, and comes bundled with a variety of entertainment and productivity applications. The SJ33 Limited Edition models come in new translucent orange and blue cases, sport an integrated digital music player, and have the ability to view high-resolution pictures. The Clié TG50, SJ33 Limited Edition and SJ22 models will be available later this month for US$400, $300 and $200, respectively. Sony’s Clié handhelds can be synced to your Mac using Missing Sync 3.0 from Mark/Space.