Riot Games, a leading independent developer and publisher of premium online video games, have announced that they’re working with TransGaming to expand their debut title, League of Legends, and releasing a version for the Mac that will be available for download this summer.

The new Mac version of the online multiplayer strategy game will be powered by TransGaming’s Cider Portability Engine. The Mac version of League of Legends will have all the same game features as its award-winning PC counterpart, says Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO of Riot Games. Players can download the game for free from and, after a short installation, begin playing instantly.

Artwork, graphics, in-game items and controls will remain the same in the Mac version. League of Legends, Riot Games’ debut title, launched on Oct. 27, 2009 in North America and Europe. It’s a session-based, multiplayer online game where rival teams compete for victory. League of Legends is rated “T” for Teen.