Kaidan and EyeSee360 Announce PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview and Support
for Digital and Film SLR Cameras

Major new panoramic software release and SLR camera support enables
high-volume virtual tour production capabilities and high-resolution output

Feasterville, PA – February 14, 2002: Kaidan Incorporated and EyeSee360
Inc. today announced major enhancements to their single-shot panoramic
imaging solution, 360 One VR. The companies have announced PhotoWarp 2.0
Public Preview and the SLR Bracket which provide new capabilities and
enhancements that streamline the production of panoramic virtual tours and
permit the use of professional, high-resolution digital and film cameras.

PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview

360 One VR is an optical system that captures a complete 360=B0 panoramic
image in a single camera shot. It consists of a lightweight, rugged and
precise optical camera attachment and the innovative EyeSee360 PhotoWarp

Starting today, a Public Preview of the next generation of PhotoWarp
software is available to all 360 One VR owners for immediate download and
use. The new features include:

– Batch Processing

Process any number of images at the touch of a button, creating panoramas in
multiple viewing formats at once, unattended. This feature is ideal for
those who need to capture and process a high volume of virtual tours in a
short period of time.

– New Output Formats

Generates PTViewer and Zoom Viewer (MGI) panoramas for those desiring a
plug-in free viewing experience. These formats are extremely popular in the
real estate virtual tour marketplace and are supported by Realtor.com and
their PicturePath upload service. QuickTime VR (cylindrical and cubic),
cylindrical and spherical image files, and thumbnail output formats continue
to be supported from PhotoWarp 1.0.

– Powerful Conversion Tools

Unwarps not only 360 One VR images, but also cylindrical and spherical
source images, as well as QuickTime VR cylinders for quick conversion into
other viewing formats.

– Custom Web Scripts

Generate web pages of your own design automatically from within PhotoWarp,
using the industry standard PHP scripting language.

– Format Templates

Save frequently used settings as a template for quick, easy access. Use it
to automate a production virtual tour or imaging workflow.

– Greater Flexibility

New options have been added to give you greater control over your panoramas,
including initial viewing angle, advanced compression settings and arbitrary
display sizes.

– Same Friendly Interface

An amazingly simple interface takes only a single step to unwarp images and
the full potential of the application is always at your fingertips. Novice
users can produce results right away and quickly graduate to the powerful
new capabilities of PhotoWarp 2.0.

PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview 1 is available immediately as a free upgrade
to all 360 One VR users. PhotoWarp 2.0 supports Mac OS X (10.1 or higher)
and Windows (98, ME, 2000 or XP) operating systems. PhotoWarp 2.0 can be
downloaded at http://www.eyesee360.com/photowarp.

SLR Bracket

The SLR Bracket for the 360 One VR facilitates single-shot panoramic
photography for digital and film SLR cameras. These cameras include the new
generation of high-resolution digital SLR cameras such as the Kodak DCS Pro
14n and the Canon EOS-1Ds, which push single-shot panoramas to a whole new

The bracket securely mounts the 360 One VR optic to a wide variety of SLR
and professional cameras. The SLR Bracket also can be used to attach any
camera where step rings or conventional adapters would position the camera
too close to the optic.

The adjustable camera mount slides and locks into position to accommodate a
variety of fixed or variable focus lenses. Since the camera does not attach
directly to the 360 One VR optic, no other adapters are required. The mount
also prevents zoom and focus adjustments from being back-driven by the

An optional Arca-Swiss quick-release mount makes it easy to attach and
remove the camera in seconds, making it ideal for those who need to mix
conventional and panoramic photography.

The suggested retail prices for the SLR Bracket and the Quick-Release Mount
are $299.95 and $99.95 respectively.

Michael Rondinelli, Chief Technology Officer of EyeSee360, adds, “360 One VR
is the quality leader among single-shot capture solutions and the response
from our customers has been tremendous. PhotoWarp 2.0 brings a whole new
level of productivity to 360 One VR. Keeping the trademark ease-of-use of
the original, PhotoWarp 2 adds powerful features our customers have been
craving. With PhotoWarp 2 and the SLR Bracket, 360 One VR excels as a
serious production tool.”

The 360 One VR (including PhotoWarp) and the SLR Bracket is available from
Kaidan Inc (http://www.kaidan.com) and through Kaidan resellers worldwide.

James Anders, President of Kaidan, continues, “These two new products
continue to cement the 360 One VR as the preeminent single-shot panoramic
solution. With the advent of PhotoWarp 2, the 360 One VR becomes even more
suited for real estate virtual tours and high-volume panoramic content
creation. PhotoWarp 2 can provide the cornerstone of any virtual tour
production house. Our SLR Bracket mates high-resolution digital and film
cameras to the 360 One VR. It’s exciting to see the results that
photographers are achieving with the SLR Bracket and the 360 One VR.

About Kaidan Incorporated

Kaidan Incorporated is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of
Photographic VR solutions for the Internet. Kaidan has active alliances with
many digital imaging companies, such as Nikon, Kodak, Apple Computer, Inc.,
and supports a variety of immersive imaging development efforts. Kaidan has
resellers and distributors worldwide. Kaidan, founded in 1994, is
headquartered in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. For more information, please
contact Joan Rankin, Sales and Marketing (jrankin@kaidan.com) at (215)
364-1778 or visit the company at http://www.kaidan.com

About EyeSee360 Inc.

EyeSee360 is the technology leader in single-shot panoramic photography.
EyeSee360 has applied decades of research to the challenge of creating
interactive panoramic imagery. EyeSee360, Inc. (formerly Telemersion, LLC)
was founded in 1998 as an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University and is
headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information, please contact
Michael Rondinelli, Chief Technology Officer (mjr@EyeSee360.com) or visit

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