Automated Solutions Group Announces MenuPack v3.2
Create custom menus and popups with an external package for 4th Dimension

Huntington Beach, CA – January 17, 2003: Automated Solutions Group today
announced the release of MenuPack 3.2 a plug-in for 4th Dimension that
provides the ability to create and manage custom menus and popups,
including complete hierarchical menu support.

Using MenuPack, you can create enhanced menus and popups which are not
possible with standard 4th Dimension menus and popup controls as well as
provide complete integration with AreaList Pro, allowing creating of
enhanced data entry popup menus (including hierarchical popup menus).

New Features in Version 3.2

MenuPack 3.2 offers a number of new features, including:
o Full support for 4D 6.8 (MacOS X and Windows XP)
o Integration with AreaList Pro for enhanced popup controls in ALP areas
o Enhanced PowerMenu now supports PopupPack offscreen areas

MenuPack Features

Included in MenuPack are the following features:
o Procedurally create and manage custom menus
o Create hierarchical menus (supports up to 5 sub-levels)
o Enhanced menu management routines
o Display Contextual menus, using Power Menu routine
o Procedurally create and manage custom popup menus, including advanced
formatting options
o Create hierarchical popup menus (supports up to 5 sub-levels).
o Create menus and popup menus based on arrays, delimited text, resources or
MBAR resources

Pricing and Availability Information

Each of the development tools are available in development and deployment
licenses. Developers can purchase any product for a reduced development
price, and must purchase a deployment or runtime license for each
application in which the product is used.

MenuPack Developer (Macintosh or Windows)…………………..$99.00
MenuPack Deployment (Macintosh or Windows)…………………$129.00
MenuPack Runtime (Macintosh or Windows)……………………..$39.00
MenuPack Upgrade from v3.0 (Macintosh or Windows)…………$69.00*

* Upgrades receive 1 developer and 1 deployment license for the platform
that was purchased. Serial number is required. For upgrades from earlier
versions, please contact our sales department at

About Automated Solutions Group

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Automated Solutions Group provides
software development and consulting services. Founded in 1989, Automated
Solutions Group develops and supports a wide variety of software
development tools to aid in the creation of custom applications for the
Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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