OpenOSX Starts Shipping OpenDB 2.2

CROWLEY LAKE, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–Jan. 17th, 2003– OpenOSX today began
shipping a new version of their popular OpenDB product. This version brings
updated software, dozens of additional enhancements, new applications and
was entirely rebuilt for Jaguar bringing enhanced performance and
stability. The new product features a single-click installer that will
configure a Mac running Mac OS X 10.2+ into a powerful relational database

The OpenDB product was designed to empower users with a wide range of ready
to use enterprise-level database tools as fast, conveniently and simply as
possible. The OpenDB CD will install and fully configure a suite of popular
server and client applications including: MySQL and PostgreSQL servers with
ODBC connectivity, featuring web-based graphical server administration
which supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSL, Samba and more.

MySQL and PostgreSQL are popular full-featured relational database
management systems, combined with phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin to administrate
and utilize them. iODBC and MyODBC enable ODBC connectivity which are
standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for accessing
information from different database systems and storage formats.

The product is based on Apache versions 1.3.27 with PHP 4.3.0, Perl 5.8.0
with mod_perl version1.27, MySQL 3.23.53 with MyODBC 2.50.39, PdfLib 4.0.3,
phpMyAdmin 2.3.2, phpPgAdmin 2.4.2, iODBC 3.0.6, Freetype 2.1.2 and gd

The OpenDB package is available immediately for us$30 and upgrades from
previous versions of the product are us$15. OpenOSX also has complementary,
specially priced, O’Reilly book bundles and 6-month hassle-free
CD-subscriptions available. Limited installation support and documentation
is included. Visit the OpenOSX web site for more details at:

OpenOSX is a company dedicated to serving, and expanding, the Macintosh
community. Founded on the premise that many computer users are intimidated
by the UNIX command-line, OpenOSX committed itself to one mission- bringing
popular Unix software to both the “Unix-challenged” and the seasoned, Mac
inclined system administrator in a friendly, Mac environment.