School chiefs in Edinburgh, Scotland are planning to adopt a program to provide laptops to every student over the age of nine after being inspired by Governor Angus King’s initiative to bring iBooks to every seventh and eighth grader in Maine, according to the Edinburgh News. After an overseas trip to the U.S., city education leader Ewan Aitken claimed that early indications from the program under way at 239 middle schools in Maine had shown the laptops improved discipline, behavior, attendance and attainment. Early estimates of the cost to rolling-out the program are as much as £40 million. According to the article, if the scheme is implemented, it will be one of the first such projects of its scale in Europe, with more than 22,000 children being provided with laptops. Aitken described the visit to schools in Maine and with Apple executives in California as “inspirational.” Edinburgh education director Roy Jobson said students in Maine “displayed increased levels of responsibility, independence and creativity” since the laptops were introduced.