Nyko’s iPod Accessories

Looking for iPod accessories that are hip, unique and functional? Nyko
Technologies, manufacturer of products for digital lifestyles, has launched
several fun, convenient iPod peripherals over the past few months including:

iPod Accessories:

* iTop Button Relocator – a sleek adaptor that relocates all basic iPod
control functions from the face of the player to the top of the iPod –
perfect for listening on-the-go, whether running, biking, or just toting in
a bag or pocket

* iBoost/iBoost mini – a slim and compact rechargeable battery pack for
iPods with dock connectors and iPod minis that adds up to 16/10 hours of
extra playtime.

* Universal Car Mount – an attractive, easy-to use, and durable holder for
mounting the iPod/iPod mini in the car, featuring a quick release for easy
installation. Compatible with car chargers, FM transmitters, and other

* Stereo Link – an ideal dock connector to RCA plug cable that allows the
iPod to connect to any device such as a home stereo, pro-audio
workstation/mixer, television, DVD player, VCR, car stereo and HDTV

* FireWire Adaptor – a high performance adaptor that allows the iPod to
connect to a FireWire port for transfer speeds of 400Mbps