FTP Suite for REALbasic Released

Add-on solution adds FTP capability to REALbasic applications.

November 6, 2002. Brick, NJ – Pyramid Designs, a software development firm,
has released FTP Suite, a set of classes and code modules that implement
five (soon to be seven) type of FTP operations. After populating the
appropriate properties of the FTP Transfer Class, a single call starts the
required operation.

In release 1.0, FTP Suite can perform the following FTP operations:

Get File – Transfers any number of files from the server to the
local computer.

Put File – Transfers any number of files from the local computer to
the server.

Put Directory – Transfers all the content from a local directory
and copies the entire directory structure to the server.

Delete File – Deletes any number of files on the server.

Delete Directory – Deletes all the files and directories from the
specified server directory.

In an free upgrade expected in December, these capabilities will be
added to FTP Suite:

Get Directory – Transfers all the content from a server directory
and copies the entire directory structure to the local machine.

Get List – Returns a list of all the files and subdirectories in a
given server directory.

Pyramid Design offers two types of licenses:

Professional – $59.95 – allows use in any commercial product or
in-house tool.

Hobbyist – $29.95 – allows use in free or shareware programs.

These are one-time fees that entitle the user to develop any number of
applications using FTP Suite (within the Professional/Hobbyist
restrictions) with no royalties. Additionally, the license provides free
upgrades for the life of the product. Source code licenses are also

Joe Nastasi, developer of FTP Suite: “After searching all over the
REALbasic universe and coming up with a couple of old and unsupported FTP
examples, I decided that the REALbasic community could use a professionally
designed and supported FTP solution.”

A demo which contains a seven page programmer’s manual and demo program is
available at:

Pyramid Design is a professional software development firm that specializes
in REALbasic project development and consultation. They are also the
developers of A-OK! The Wings of Mercury.

Pyramid Design
156 17th Ave.
Brick, NJ 08724
732 458-3738