November 6, 2002 – Solutions Etcetera announced today a publicly available
30 day Trial Version of SuperCard 4, a powerful and easy to use authoring
and RAD tool.

“The Trial Version will now give all Mac Users the opportunity to test
flight SuperCard and see just how easy and powerful a tool it is” said
Scott Simon, director of product development for Solutions Etcetera. “And
for HyperCarders wishing to see if it is in fact the best environment for
them to switch to, we have included the HyperCard conversion utilities as

The SuperCard 4 Trial Version is available now from the SuperCard web site at:

SuperCard is used by Mac professionals and hobbyists alike to create just
about any type of application including games, teaching aides, utilities,
personal productivity tools, automation tools, kiosks, and other multimedia
rich projects. Now OS X users will be able to experience the power and ease
of use that SuperCard has to offer.

For more information contact Solutions Etcetera: