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“Bugbear” Virus Detected by Free NetMinder Ethernet Update

Packet Inference Technology Makes Quick Detection and Notification Possible

LAFAYETTE, CA — October 4, 2002 — Neon Software today has announced
the availability of a new update to the award-winning NetMinder
Ethernet 5.0 that automatically detects and decodes packets generated
by the “Bugbear” virus infection. NetMinder Ethernet customers who
install the update and have alerts set will automatically be paged,
emailed, or sent an SNMP trap if exploits of the Bugbear virus are
detected on the network.

According to, the Bugbear work will likely surpass Klez to
become the number one threat to computer users with over 130,000
infections already reported.

“Network administrators must maintain a vigilant watch over their
networks,” said Michael Swan, Neon Software’s chief technology
officer. “NetMinder Ethernet is an essential part of that vigilance.
Our Packet Inference technology analyzes network data based on a set
of pre-programmed rules and provides explanations for unusual
conditions it detects. This update adds ‘Bugbear’ to Packet
Inference’s extensive list of high-risk conditions.”

Packet Inference is a NetMinder Ethernet plug-in. The update for the
plug-in is now available and free for Netminder Ethernet 5.0
customers running under Mac OS X. Upgrades to Netminder Ethernet 5.0
from previous versions are available for $199. Competitive upgrades
to NetMinder Ethernet are also available.

Visit for the latest information on Bugbear
detection and product pricing.

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